Lady Musgrave Trust

Lady Musgrave Trust Handy Guide for Women in Regional QLD

The Handy Guide for Homeless Women in Regional Queensland (2nd edition) provides vital support for women who are without shelter or at risk of becoming homeless.

Details include:

• Emergency Phone Numbers

• Accommodation such as drop-in support centres, accommodation units and housing services

• Food and welfare; such as food vans, kitchens and Centrelink

• Health services such as hospitals, street doctors and community health centres

• Legal assistance for tenancy/housing problems, and victims of crime

• Community and specialist services for domestic violence support, family and immigration support

• Facilities such as public libraries, lockers, free transport and toilets

• Employment

This publication originated as a partnership between The Lady Musgrave Trust, Centacare, the Department of Housing and Public Works, Griffith University and the Forum Working Group.

Source: Lady-Musgrave-Trust-Handy-Guide-for-Women-in-Regional-QLD-2019-21-v2-1.pdf